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Address: Rudi Cajaveca 33, Zvezdara, 11160 Belgrade, Serbia

Over 20 years of experience and tens of thousands of hours of development has been invested in JobPro to incorporate the functionality needed by businesses engaged in the purchase, transportation, storage, sale and resale of various commodities. The biggest advantage of the software compared to others is that it is based on the FileMaker Pro platform (Rapid Application Development Platform) so it can be easily upgraded to meet almost any user specification. This allows us a remarkable degree of flexibility to adjust to all small differences that may be critical to the operations of a specific company.

With the demonstration and installation of the entire platform (turn-key system), we also organize a complete training of staff and IT professionals for working in various modules. Each of our applications can be administered to a certain extent, or entirely by trained staff. If the client does not have anyone in the company who could deal with the administration of the system or ever needs to call for an expert assistance, we have various affordable support packages available, and we can also conduct the complete training of your IT champion to work on the platform, including training for the official test exame (the test is in English and can be arranged in Belgrade).

If you have up to 3 users in one location, you can use and share the platform on your computers inside the office. For more than 3 users, the platform includes a server on which FileMaker server software is installed on one side and an abundance of different user platforms on the other. You can access applications installed on the server using desktop or iOS software or via a web browser. In addition to the basic installation, many clients are looking for a different degree of integration with other platforms such as Web shops, accounting software in which they are used to work, e-mail and sms messaging servers or the like ... All of these integration is foreseen and possible within the application per clients request

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