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JobPro is a comprehensive business software designed to meet your specific business needs.
It consists of modules for CRM, tracking inquiries, offers and sales, orders, invoicing, delivery, communications, warehouse controls, job management and reporting, production and assembly, and finally a system for organizing employees.

JobPro is a business application based on the FileMaker Pro platform. Many of our clients use JobPro immediately with modules that are already installed, but the key value of the system is its ability to allow us to quickly adapt any part to the particular job specification. This is a multi-platform system, and can be used on Apple Mac, Windows, iPad or iPhone environments. It can be a local system installed on a single computer or centralized in the cloud, on the server and accessible from anywhere. It can also be easily integrated with popular accounting applications and work alongside with them.

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Why JobPro?

  • You need a comprehensive software solution that you will be able to upgrade over time.
  • You need a flexible platform that easily adapts to your needs.
  • You searched for similar applications, but you did not like their design.
  • You are looking for something that can fit the budget and be developed to your specifications, unlike off the shelf ready-made platforms without the flexibility to adapt to your needs.
  • Looking for an application that can be integrated easily with third party data sources already in use.

JobPro is a modular application and adapts to companies of all types and sizes, whether you are an independent businessman or a large organization.


Product migration cotrol

Managing inventories, purchasing, tools, or renting specific items can easily depend on seemingly small segments and the logic of business is often different from case to case. JobPro includes modules for product entry and cataloging, warehouse monitoring, entry and delivery, needs as well as modules for batch and transport monitoring. Each of these modules can be fully adapted to the specific type of goods being sold or rented.

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All that a sales agent needs for more efficient business can be on the screen of his computer or even on his phone. Sales modules contain and track tasks lists related to specific jobs. They will show all the necessary information about individual contacts, as well as current and outdated queries. The sales agent can have a real-time view of the status of a particular product in the warehouse and timely send a purchase order, if necessary. The platform includes a massive calendar, a Gant Map and a timetable from which emails can be sent via email and sms.

Budgeting and Expenses

Two items that are crucial to tracking the performance of your business. At any time you can see the current state of your costs in relation to revenue. You can also track trends over time to get a clear picture of the possible causes of individual financial changes.

Production and Assembly

JobPro has its built-in functionality to help you manage and understand production costs by tracking the costs of all parts that are included in a particular product.


Functionality that helps you manage your rental business.

Postage and Transportation

Functionality that allows you to manage your shipments, both receiving and sending. You can also monitor and control loading, shipping, and unloading of individual goods.

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