One App For All PlatForms

Any Software made in FileMaker can be Adapted to work on all screens and mobile devices. This way you can access your data wherever you are.

FileMaker? Never Heard Of It Before :\

FileMaker is a platform that provides to its users, creation of simple applications for databases and business, and for experienced programmers, it provides creation of more robust platforms.

What You Get From Us


Over 20 years of experience and thousands of hours of development invested in FileMaker to incorporate the everyday functionality needed by businesses. We promise to provide you with the software solutions that will be tailored and perfected according to your need.


With the demonstration and installation of the entire platform (turn-key system), we also organize a complete training of staff and IT professionals for working in various modules.


If you have up to 3 users in one location, you can use and share the platform on your computers inside the office. For more than 3 users, the platform includes a server on which FileMaker server software is installed on one side and an abundance of different user platforms on the other.


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